Aug 242019

This is a new trick (at least to me). I received a legitimate looking email from Amazon notifying me of a recent purchase of Windows Home Premium, which of course I did not order.

This called phishing, just another version of malware scams.

Here’s the email — I left all the links in because they no longer work and are of no danger to anyone who clicks them.  Instead of clicking on any of the links in this email, I immediately went to Amazon, my credit card accounts and paypal to verify that no real transaction had occurred.

But if you blast something like this out to enough people SOMEONE is going to fall for it (otherwise why would the Nigerian scam continue to be played?).  There are at least two reactions to this kind of email, which could result in BIG problems:

  1. What?  I didn’t order anything from Amazon !! What is going on ??!!! The danger here is if they click on any of the links in the email, which does NOT go to Amazon, but to another then click on the link and it takes them to a landing page that infects the computer or flips it into a botnet.
  2. Hey, this is not what I ordered from Amazon !! Jeez, can’t they get anything right??!! Again, by clicking on any of the links, they get more headaches than an Amazon overcharge.

This is just another cautionary tale that things are not always what they seem. Logo

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They then click on the link and it takes them to a landing page that is possibly hosted with malware, flipping their computer into a botnet, or is an advertisement for other spam services.  The point is that the spammer is ultimately using confusion (on the part of the end user) and using that to trick them into taking an action.

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