May 042019

ISP Neutral

Though it is impossible to determine where advanced technology will lead us in the next few years, I’d like you to consider the concept of being ISP (Internet Service Provide) neutral.

What does that mean exactly?  It means that the tools you use on the internet are not tied directly to a particular ISP, such as Comcast or Covad, or ATT or SBCGlobal, etc.  ispThe biggest tool of course is email.  And so often, thinking about changing your provider is like thinking about changing your bank — such a hassle ! So many people you have to contact to give your new address.

But when you untie yourself, you can change your connection based on best value and use the Internet providers competition with one another to give you a great deal.  Not only that, making the change is pretty painless.  Don’t want to do it yourself?  Hey, I would be happy to make all the changes for you.  Just contact me.

As I mentioned in an old rant about Earthlink (Earthlink – the Unfriendly ISP), free email applications from either Yahoo or Gmail do a much better job of automatic spam filtering than Earthlink does.  It’s accessible anywhere in the world:  my mother was in an Internet cafe in Kyrgystan (!!) and emailed me via Gmail.

Don’t get stuck !! Free yourself and let the ISP’s compete for your business !!

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