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Here you will find technical tips for the ordinary person, a little about me and the technical and web services I can provide.  My focus has always been customer-related with solutions designed to fit your needs.

I can do itPC Service

  • I make house calls
  • I can advise you on your next PC purchase or help you get some more life out of your old PC
  • I can install your new computer and transfer your old files to your new one
  • I can troubleshoot virus, spyware or other malware problems, fix them and set you up so that you are more thoroughly protected
  • I can teach you how to use your PC more efficiently
  • I can protect your data (your photos, your memories) by setting you up with an automated backup system
  • I can even remotely log into your computer and troubleshoot your problem over the Internet !
  • and more  . . .

Web Design, Hosting, and Administration

My clients generally fall into two group:

The first category are clients who have a standard (static) website and get irritated when they have to rely on their webmaster to get anything changed and each change is a chargeable event.  They like to make changes on their site because it is vital that their site has up-to-date information. Some of these are consultants or small businesses with daily store news about sales and inventory. The changes they make are small, but they often get charged $50 – $75 per change.

For them, I offer a service that changes their site into one that can be easily changed without the help of a web expert, and I provide the training to get them up to speed.

The second group are folks who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to put up a web page and may also need someone to look after it, take care of the domain renewals,  and do some SEO work,  so they are seen on the local Google searches. They need service, but they don’t require platinum service that runs into thousands of dollars a year.

For them, I offer simple site design and administrative packages that handle site backups, optimization, SEO tweaking, web hosting and domain renewal and more.

    I pride myself on providing customers with personal service, listening to what you need and doing my very best to provide it. My business is customer-oriented, and I maintain strict confidentiality. Please do not hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions about me or my business.

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