Oct 032011
A Surfeit of Facebook Friends

Is it possible to have too many friends?  Or in the social media world have we just devalued the notion of friend? What Is a Friend? A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts A person whom one knows; an acquaintance. There are at least three levels of friendship (four if you count old friends […]

Feb 102010
The Power Job Search: Leveraging LinkedIn

As I have written in a previous post, one of the most powerful tools for a successful job search is using Web 2.0 tools like LinkedIn to help spread that wide job search net. So I thought I would take a look at what experts say on how to maximize LinkedIn and see what I […]

Jan 222010
Online Organizing Tools

Is it just me or is life becoming an ever-faster whirlwind that I cannot keep up with, as much as I try?  A constant flood of information is ever-available, which can easily lead to information overload.  Here are a couple of excellent tools I use that have made my life a bit easier to manage. […]

Jul 162009
Computer Slow? Don’t Toss — Tune Up !!

In this bad economy where every dollar is even more precious, you might want to hang on to your computer just a little while longer. I go out on a lot of calls where people’s computers have slowed down and I am asked to diagnose the problem. Here’s what I look for: Disk Space It’s […]