Dec 282010
Wordpress Is Not Just For Blogs

I WordPress WordPress, a free platform originally designed for blogging is now so robust and user-friendly that I recommend using it as the platform upon which to build most small business websites. It provides a solid infrastructure of web publishing as well a tools to build an interactive web site. It is both free and […]

Nov 232010
The Perfect Website Solution

Do you want a website you can edit yourself without needing extensive technical knowledge?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could make those changes with the same ease you create a Word document? Relief is at hand. What you need is a Content Management System and I recommend that you use (free) Open Source CMS […]

Nov 192010
Free Friday: Audacity

Whenever I need to upgrade my existing software, I look around to see if there is an open source equivalent.  Recently I discovered Audacity, a completely free audio editor and I am so impressed with its ease of use and sophistication. With Audacity you can (links to YouTube tutorials) create podcasts transfer tapes and records […]

Sep 072010
Web Presence:  Three Quick Questions Before You Decide

Putting a site up on the Internet can be a very easy thing to do and you can do it unbelievably cheaply.  Most major web hosts have very simple do-it-yourself packages and during the early days of the Internet, those designs were acceptable. But users have become more sophisticated and as is the case with […]