Sep 072019
Web Presence:  Three Quick Questions Before You Decide

Putting a site up on the Internet can be a very easy thing to do and you can do it unbelievably cheaply.  Most major web hosts have very simple do-it-yourself packages and during the early days of the Internet, those designs were acceptable.  But users have become more sophisticated and as is the case with […]

Aug 242019
Go Phish

This is a new trick (at least to me). I received a legitimate looking email from Amazon notifying me of a recent purchase of Windows Home Premium, which of course I did not order. This called phishing, just another version of malware scams. Here’s the email — I left all the links in because they […]

Jul 162019
Computer Slow? Don’t Toss — Tune Up !!

In this bad economy where every dollar is even more precious, you might want to hang on to your computer just a little while longer. I go out on a lot of calls where people’s computers have slowed down and I am asked to diagnose the problem. Here’s what I look for: Disk Space It’s […]