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  • Claudia Morgan:This site has gone through many iterations. Currently it uses WordPress Suffusion theme, which I have altered. It includes multiple posts, multiple pages and two forms for prospective clients to provide pre-contact information.
  • Micky Duxbury: Micky Duxbury, author, wanted to update her website, create a blog and increase her visibility on the web. She wanted to incorporate her love of Pt. Reyes and her own photography in the web design. I created the header, the rollover buttons, navigation and background.
    Micky Duxbury web banner
    Once she approved of the design, I created the WordPress template to be similar (but not mirror) her static web site. On the blog I added plug-ins to improve SEO, added TinyMCE to the editor, set up an automatic backup of the MYSQL database, created Captcha-secured forms, and initialized Google analytics. Finally, I trained her on how to blog with WordPress.

  • Herriford Consulting: Dr. Herriford wanted to completely update her web site. I created a header image that would indicate an East Bay location by using a stock image of the East Bay hills looking toward Mt. Diablo and designed the entire site with her approval.
    Herrford Consulting Banner
    To honor Dr. Herriford’s African ancestry, I modified the vector image from iStockphoto to create a very subtle background for her blog site:
    Dr O's Blog Background
    • original site:  http://herrifordconsulting.com/old/
    • current site:  http://herrifordconsulting.com/
    • Dr. O’s Bloghttp://herrifordconsulting.com/dro/
    • Sol y Mar Day Spa:This spa on Piedmont Avenue recently went out of business, but the web site is still visible. I created the website using her business card as a model for the typeface and colors. Sol y Mar Dayspa BannerI selected the images from iStockPhoto.com (with customer’s approval) and created the rotating images, the navigation and the accordion menu under Services. I did not create the video.
    • LANDesign: (currently in initial stages of design). This is a premium Flash-based WordPress template that I have modified to suit the design needs of my customer, an Oakland-based landscape architect.

University of California Office of the President

  • At Your Service:  AYS was in the final process of completing a huge redesign when I was hired, and my initial instructions were to comb the site and fix or change what was broken. To that end, my work on the site as a manager involved QA and process improvement: I stopped the practice of working on the design directly on the server, created a mirror development site, taught the staff to design on their local PC, created separated FTP logins for each designer, standardized the stylesheet, ran various link checkers and HTML validators on the site, and sent all errors to my staff to be corrected. I have included links to archived web pages:
  • Livingwell: The Wellness group at UCOP contracted a print designer to create the logo for this site. The designer created everything using INDesign, which is not web-compatible. I took the images and built the site, including the Dreamweaver template, style sheet, rotating images, photo selection and some of the text. Under my guidance and approve, one of my staffers created the header with the mapped tabs.
  • Diversity: this site underwent an interim design change before we settled on the current design. The mapped tab and header image was created by the same staffer who created LivingWell, but the template, navigation, centered design and style was my own work. I have included links to archived web pages:

UC Berkeley Extension Online & Kaiser Health Plan Institute

  • Behind firewalls

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