May 132019
Free Friday: Advanced SystemCare

The All-One Diagnostic Solution Why waste money on a variety of tools to fix and maintain your PC when Iobit’s Advanced SystemCare Free will do it all for you. It has a 1-click approach to help protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC.  I love it and use it on all my client’s PCs.  It’s […]

May 042019
Untie Yourself From Your ISP

ISP Neutral Though it is impossible to determine where advanced technology will lead us in the next few years, I’d like you to consider the concept of being ISP (Internet Service Provide) neutral. What does that mean exactly?  It means that the tools you use on the internet are not tied directly to a particular […]

Mar 052019

If your email Inbox is filled with hundreds — even thousands !! — of messages, you are not alone. Belong to a couple listservs? RSS feeds? Any of the social networking sites? In no time at all your Inbox will fill up and it will be difficult, if not impossible to find what you are […]

Dec 282018
Wordpress Is Not Just For Blogs

I WordPress WordPress, a free platform originally designed for blogging is now so robust and user-friendly that I recommend using it as the platform upon which to build most small business websites. It provides a solid infrastructure of web publishing as well a tools to build an interactive web site. It is both free and […]