Apr 022012

I don’t really remember a time that baseball was not part of my life.  My mother followed the Giants and I grew up on baseball and the radio.baseball

Now, every Spring brings the promise of baseball and the sound of the radio giving me the play-by-play as I pull weeds, do the dishes and other household chores, or BBQ out in the backyard.  It’s the soundtrack to my Spring, Summer, and Fall.  I really don’t follow any other sport as a fan, or any other team than the Giants.  I don’t hate the A’s, I just don’t really care about them.  And, yes, it was very painful when the A’s were doing so well in the ’80’s and don’t even talk to me about 1989 !!  I loved the ’89 Giants but never had any illusions that they would win the World Series — but did we have to have an earthquake and get swept?

But that’s the great thing about baseball for most fans — the unending hope, the constant disappointment, the thrill of the moment.  The walk-off home-run, the strikeout with the bases loaded, the play at the plate, the steal (successful or not), the suicide squeeze, the hit-and-run.  I just love it.

And though I am a Giants fan primarily, I will watch and enjoy any baseball game.  My partner and I have gone on road trips up in the Northwest to watch Rookie League (lower even than single-A ball) teams play and have been enchanted by the small parks, the friendly feeling, and the craziness of watching semi-professional players.  The pick-off move, the throw to home — you just never know whether it will be successful or not.  And the between inning games?  Well, I saw Karl Wallenda walk across a tightrope at Candlestick Park between games in a doubleheader, but having radio-controlled car races going on while the players are doing infield practice between innings — now that’s entertainment !!

Baseball’s just the right speed for me, too.  I never find it boring, and we Giants fan have been blessed with amazing announcers both on radio and television.  How lucky am I to have had  Russ Hodges, Lon Simmons, Hank Greenwald, Duane Kuiper, Mike Krukow and now Dave Fleming describing the game to me. !!

Oh yes, I am grateful — Play Ball !!

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