Apr 012012

We’re lucky.

We can cool phones with cool apps from more than one vendor.  AND — now that AT&T no longer has the death grip on the iPhone — we also have more choices about our cell phone carriers.

More choices, more better.Android and Apple

I have a phone running the Android (Google) and my partner has as iPhone 4.  We both love our phones.

My partner doesn’t care that much about technology and wants some very easy to use.  The iPhone is perfect — it’s really well designed, intuitive for most people (not me, unfortunately), and has hundreds of cool apps.  Plus, gmail and iTunes both work seamlessly on her phone, despite the fact that each is designed by competing companies.

I’ve got a Droid Incredible 2 and love it.  I’ve been working in high tech since the early eighties and I like the idea of openness, so I am philosophically opposed to Apple’s closed systems.  My phone works just great and I think it is really cool that it there are a number of companies working together on building and improving the open standards of Android.

I’ve got tunes (doubleTwist), audiobooks (OverDrive), games, a guitar tuner and metronome.  And all of these things you can also get on an iPhone.

The point is, one is not necessarily superior to the other.  Many of the tech blogs have head-to-head comparison, but it doesn’t seem like there is a clear favorite.  I think there’s a lot to love about each one.  Play with the phones, ask your friends and then select.

Talk about a win-win.

I am grateful that competing technologies allow me to choose.

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