Apr 102010

It’s been six month’s now since being escorted off my place of work.  I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but this time, this layoff did not put me down in the abyss of depression and despair.  Instead, despite the glassthe financial stress it has put on my partner and me, I am making the best of it and have found many reasons to enjoy this hiatus from work.

Both sides of the coin

I am part of the biggest news of today

Sounds weird, huh?  But think about it — if there’s any reason not to personalize getting laid off, this has got to be it !!  Me and 15 million other are unemployed.  The reverse of that is that all of us are competing for whatever jobs come available.

I am taking much better of myself.

It started before I got laid off, but once I had more time on my hand — and less stress — I redoubled my effort to lose weight and exercise more.  I had to give up my membership at the YMCA, but I found other ways to burn calories and get stronger.  And the weather is getting so much better.

I am more present.

Without the day-to-day stress of working life, my partner finds me more emotionally available.  And during this hard time, it’s sooooooo nice to feel a 26+ year relationship deepening further.

I am smelling the (downscaled) roses.

It’s rare I go to a movie, now.  The Netflix subscription has been downsized from three DVDs down to one.  But I’ve got Turner Classic Movies, IFC, and Sundance (and a DVR), so I have my own art \house experience at home.  I’m not as up on new music as I used to be, but with over 7,000 tunes available, it’s hard to feel deprived.  And god bless the public library system — books, audio-books, CDs and DVDs for free.

Helping others.

I can now drive friends to the airport, to hospital procedures and do other small things for them I normally wouldn’t be able to do.   I can appreciate what I can do (and cannot) and feel a stronger sense of community within my circle of friends.

It’s Not All Peaches and Cream

I still have to find work.  And I still spend time each day working researching jobs, writing cover letters and tailoring my resume for each application.  I know I have talents, skills, and experience to offer.  And I would like to have the extra money that being employed could provide so that we could occasionally go away (even for a weekend). Or perhaps dinner at a nice restaurant.

And I cannot believe I have turned into a “glass half full” girl.  Perhaps that the biggest gift I have been given.

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